“New positioning. New brand"

3iContábeis, an accounting services company, needed to reformulate itself [including changing its name] to keep up with the new times – mobility, agility and online work.
And ZON's challenge was to convey the new positioning of the business at the brand and visual identity level.

To build a brand image, it is essential to find the essence of the company [DNA] and its identity; and transmit their potentials, values and attributes.
3i Contábeis Identity: a company that offers Accounting Services in an ethical, agile and reliable way, through experienced professionals who, united and motivated by the love of what they do – and supported by the strength of the processes – offer the best solutions for their clients.
In other words, the name of the company was inspired by 3 pillars: unity, love and strength.

Among various conceptual paths, the client opted for the Celtic Knot concept – without beginning or end – to represent the intertwining of the three pillars and, also, the ties between employees, suppliers and customers. Symbol, logo, colors and visual identity – everything flowed harmoniously!

Based on the client's testimony, the brand translates, in all senses, its business.
The work developed for the Brand was sensational, with several options, one better than the other. My thanks to ZON”.


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Additional info

PROJECT: 3iContábeis Visual Identity

CLIENT: 3iContabéis

YEAR: 2020