Obi Accessories

Innovative Accessories, which follow the trends

Jackwal – a traditional manufacturer of Bathroom Accessories - wanted to innovate by taking advantage of a market window that appreciates color and decorative style, in all areas of the house. But even for this segment of the market that enjoys design, the price factor is also fundamental.

The design strategy of ZON for the collection introduced a decorative plastic element, in color, which is inserted in the fixation piece [called mirror] of the supports. This square element is a mosaic of small squares that, because they have minimally different heights, reflect the light in a particular way. The colors chosen for the element are black and white. 

For the Obi Collection [Japanese word for the kimono strip], ZON also created the packaging's visual identity, where the graphic language has synergy with the design of the accessories and with the name of the collection.

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CLIENT: Jackwal

YEAR: 2018