Tramontina Catalogs

Design translating marketing

Each year, Tramontina renews the catalogs that presents the marketing program for each industrial unit in the group. And, every year, ZON takes care of the visual identity of the covers of these catalogs so that, all aligned graphically, they translate the marketing objectives and the Brand unit.

For the 2019 Covers, the marketing objectives sought to show the quality of the Brand's products, highlighting the care with details. ZON, considering the globalized world of the digital age – where people are bombarded with an absurd amount of information and where image reigns sovereign – defined the graphic concept “the image and the focus on detail”.

The graphic solution was to spread a single image – in zoom – throughout the cover. This image, not fully focused but sharp in regions that show the details of the products, alludes to the brand's concern with the smallest details of each product that it manufactures and sells.

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  • Imagens-Projetos-Capas

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CLIENT: Tramontina

YEAR: 2019