Brand Strategy to accompany business expansion

Operating in the segments of road freight and international logistics, LOGSUL has extended its brand to related segments and founded DORA – an exporter of products to Africa. With the growth and the possibility of future business, the new positioning of the company showed the need for a Strategic Brand Planning. LOGSUL entrusted ZON with such planning.

Studying the customer, the market and the competition, and aiming to strengthen the customer's group image while facilitating the creation of new future brands, ZON suggested to assume the prefix DORA in of the brands that make up the brand's architecture. 

DORACORP – defines the corporate brand of the group.
DORALOG – defines the brand of the group company that offers logistics services.
DORAEXPORT – defines the brand of the group company that offers services in product exportation.

Complementing the naming strategy, ZON has created symbol for the mother brand, which is used across all sub-brands in the group. The symbol is born from the stylization of an "arrow" – formed by segments in four different colors to represent the union of expertise, customer adaptation and multiple solutions. The idea of the arrow refers to the DORACORP group's proposal to help other companies expand horizons, to reach safely in international markets.

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Additional info

PROJECT: Branding

CLIENT: Doracorp

YEAR: 2014