Packaging and POS Materials

Strength, coherence and coordination

Over the years, ZON has developed packaging and POS materials for Tramontina Eletrik. The customer segment, electrical materials, has strong and well positioned players in the market. To conquer spaces in the most varied points of sale, constant updating, maintenance and coordination of all communication materials with the consumer is necessary. The packages in the Electrical Materials segment are coordinated with those in the LED Lighting segment. The same visual identity, reinforcing the client's brand image.

The theme is blue , to form a large mass of color in the POS. To facilitate the identification of products by the consumer, each different line takes on a different secondary color, very well positioned on the packaging and at the POS. The care with the quality of the visual identity - in packaging and POS materials - combined with the quality of the products, has contributed to the significant growth of the client in the market.

  • MEL FlowPack_Pack.1749
  • MEL FlowPack_Pack2.1751
  • Case-PDV-MEL2
  • Case-PDV-MEL1

Additional info

PROJECT: Packaging and POS

CLIENT: Eletrik

YEAR: 2018