Malke fruit culture

"Brand, Visual Identity and Packaging for those who know the market”

Since 1979, Fruticultura Malke has been engaged in the cultivation of apples, acting in its entire process: planting, production, processing, storage, marketing and distribution. The company, which operates in the domestic market and also exports, has several cultivated orchards. All commercialized fruits are exclusively produced by the company.

In 2019, ZON updated the Brand and Visual Identity Malke, including applications in stationery and communication materials. ZON also studied Malke Packaging, covering the quality categories of apples grown and sold.

The immersion in the Fuit Culture universe, combined with the client's contributions – with his knowledge of the market and the business – resulted in a contemporary visual identity, but also in line with the language of the operating segment. The Brand kept the apple symbol, but now redesigned. The visual identity took on the colors red, green and black as the main ones; and defined other secondary colors to assist in the design of packaging and the categorization of apples.

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Additional info

PROJECT: Branding Malke

CLIENT: Fruticultura Malke

YEAR: 2019