“Brand for a new business that embraces Sustainability”.

For the new company GoFarm, conceived by a young and sensitive entrepreneur, ZON created a brand and visual identity. And, also, the first product of the Brand.

The idea of GoFarm is almost a mission: to provide those people who love the countryside, greenery, animals – and who are aware of the importance of Sustainability, Permaculture and Family Farming – the re-encounter with simple life, with this essence in relation to Nature.

According to our client, “Our sense-perception is given by the contact of our inputs: visual, auditory, olfactory, palate, also in the feet and hands – which are regions with many nerve endings; No wonder many treatments rely on walking barefoot, touching your pet, your Pet... that touch, that affection, it doesn't come alone: it comes loaded with a series of positive feelings that produce dopamine and serotonin”.

ZON took care of the creation of the naming for the brand, it graphic design and the visual identity.
The guiding concept was consistent with the brand's purpose: “Nature & Place of Protection”.
In addition to the logo, the symbol was constructed from “a house in the midst of Nature” – representing natural protection and mental health.

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Additional info

Project: Branding

Client: Gofarm

Year: 2020