Zoravia Bettiol Institute

"An Institute that preserves the art of Zoravia Bettiol asks for a memorable brand."

The Zoravia Bettiol Institute is a non-profit association whose mission is to preserve, research and disseminate the artistic and documentary collection of the artist Zoravia Bettiol, as well as to support and encourage contemporary art. Its creation is a joint initiative of the artist and a group of people dedicated to the Institute's project – fully convinced of the importance of this artistic and documentary collection for a society, as well as of the importance of Zoravia Bettiol as an artist and citizen.

In 2020, already established in the Historic Center of Porto Alegre, the Zoravia Bettiol Instituteneeded a graphic brand that represented it well – a task that a ZON Design team took on with great love and in a collaborative way.

The challenge was to create a brand that could represent the Institute in every way, translate its essence and mission and value it with the audiences involved; ZON also defined a visual identity for the Institution's communication manifestations.

In this project, we subvert the natural order of design; that is, instead of starting with the understanding of the concrete, we start with the understanding of the wonderful imaginary of our artist. For Zoravia Bettiol's work is broad, complex, a kaleidoscope of creation and intellectual invention – in graphic, corporal, textile and pictorial production. This imaginary was our inspiration!

To build the Brand and its Symbol, we studied four imagery of the artist, within the concepts “the art that unites”, “the art that enchants”, “the art that transforms” and “the art that makes you fly”.

With the images and letterings adjusted, the choice fell on “The art that enchants” for the best symbolism. She, too, best embodies the author. The Symbol – the figure of a girl with her yellow dress and open arms – is strong and cheerful in the different products that the entity will commercialize.

This Brand will accompany the Zoravia Bettiol Institute on its long journey.

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Additional info

PROJECT: Visual Identity Instituto Zoravia Bettiol

CLIENT: Instituto Zoravia Bettiol

YEAR: 2020