Much more than just a chair

Designing a chair is always a project that stimulates the designer!

Especially when – besides the basic briefing of been a wooden chair for the B2B Market [Bars and Restaurants], for Tramontina Belém –, ZON wanted to exceed the briefing expectations and innovated the client portfolio.
Inspired by the lightness of oriental furniture, ZON designed the Kyoto Chair: a lightweight, ergonomic light wood chair – the first light wood product in the customer's mix.

Adding comfort, formal elegance and color to the product with the proposal of seats and backs in injected polyurethane – ZON also provided a new manufacturing process in Tramontina Belém.
And to complete the innovation proposals, the Kyoto Chair is stackable, facilitating logistics and requiring less storage space. The chair is also offered with wooden seat and back.

Considering the B2B market, to compose with the Kyoto chair ZON also added the design of the Kyoto Table.

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CLIENT: Tramontina Belém

YEAR: 2017