Pintches of design for a genuine and appetizing Identity

Ice Cream of the utmost quality, which are distinguished by top of the line ingredients and makes the consumer mouth watering. To introduce these delicious products to the market, ZON has added several design hints: brand positioning, naming, visual identity and packaging design. 

The branding project resulted in a naming criation that suggests the genuine personality of the ice cream and invites a unique taste experience by positioning the Makalu product.

“Makalu is one of the highest mountaiins in the world.
It’s not easy to reach your peak, it’s a unique climb!”

The visual identity exploits the appetizing appeal of the ingredients and shows the consumer that Makalu Ice Cream is "real ice cream": Vanilla made with vanilla pods, Strawberry made with well selected strawberries, Caramel, with authentic dulce de leche, etc.


PROJECT: Branding

CLIENT: Makalu

YEAR: 2016

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