Root Vessel Packaging

Packaging inspired by empathy for the Green

Vasos Raiz is the first company in Brazil to create self-irrigating vessels - a solution that encourages sustainability within the home. Product innovation and respect for the environment needed to be valued and well communicated on the packaging. 

Inspired by its empathy for the Green, ZON created the visual identity for all Vasos Raiz packaging, organized in three collections: Rainbow, Gourmet and Wishes.

We design strap-type packaging, that attach to the vases thanks to the perfect match between the shape of the straps and the anatomy of the vases. The graphic layout of the straps value the Brand and, through icons, communicates about the differential of the vases ­ self-irrigation and protection against dengue. The collections differ from each other by the color of the strap, the different illustration and the specific lettering that names the collection. The color spots on the brim of the strap draw attention to the shape, which refers to the symbol of the Raiz brand.
The straps created by ZON value the product and draw the attention of the consumer to the Raiz Vases.

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PROJECT: Packaging


YEAR: 2018