Grazziotin Group

“Redesign of the brand of a traditional business group”

The Grazziotin family arrived from Italy in 1789, starting a trajectory that gave rise to several businesses. Today the Grazziotin Group is synonymous with tradition, entrepreneurship and success!

This long history of constant growth shows the size of the challenge posed to ZON: to participate in the renewal of this very traditional and highly credible brand in the market.

And this challenge was a privilege!

We started with a real immersion in the values, in the client's identity and in the understanding of the Grazziotin Group's brand architecture.

Some important conclusions:

● The Group grew faster than the update of its visual identity.

● It was necessary to have a brand that would serve the Group and not just the stores.

● Research showed that each company had its own visual identity – and our proposal would include 3 brands for the Grazziotin Group: Floresta Grazziotin, Grato Agropecuária and

Financial Grazziotin.

● And most importantly: the new brand of the Grazziotin Group should represent all the networks and Affiliates of the group.

Among the three renewal alternatives proposed by ZON, the one chosen was the most innovative and representative of a significant change: there was a renewal of the logo and symbol; the original colors – green and red – were maintained, but now with revisited, more contemporary tones.

The final result of the renovation carried out by ZON: the redesigned brands – of the Group and its Affiliates – became more timeless, strong and contemporary, now counting on an icon that permeates the entire visual identity of the company.

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Additional info

PROJECT: Branding

CLIENT: Grazziotin Group

YEAR: 2019