Led lightning

When light illuminates the Brand and the Products, we see design

In recent times, Tramontina Eletrik – who already produces and marketed items for the Electrical Material segment – also started operate with LED Lighting.

Making light is an archetype that speaks to us and directs us to the product.  
With that look, ZON had to study how to “pack the light,” pack it in different boxes, inform its benefits, research the logistics, and finally activate the perception of “lighting up,” in the buyer's office or home.

The blue theme; the graphics referring LED technology; and the guiding icons of visual identity – everythings was created in the light of archetypes, communicating the product's uviverse and characteristics more efficiently and facilitating decoding by the consumer.
Design had other dimensions of communication when ZON studied the issues related to B2B, trend and especially trends in lighting sales at POS.

ZON has been dealing with the unfolding of the graphic concept in all packaging and POS materials.

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Additional info

PROJECT: LED lighting

CLIENT: Tramontina

YEAR: 2018