PSIU Beverage Industry

“Differentiating Corporate Brand from Product Brand”

When ZON arrived to collaborate, Guaraná Psiu do Maranhão had grown and, after 15 years of its foundation, it continued with the name of its first product, which was also a corporate brand.
Psycho, with stylized lettering, was giving name to most products, but not to all.
So, it was necessary to create the corporate brand: PSIU Indústria de Bebidas .
ZON's task, together with the definition of the visual identity and naming strategy for the growth of the client's product portfolio.

A little history.
The company's first product, with its own formulation, was a pink soft drink, Psiu [a product to join the wave of Guaraná Jesus do Maranhão, market leader ]. Afterwards, this drink evolved into Psiu Teen, in the pink segment - with its own visual identity.
And to conquer the market, the company launched new items and today its mix, in addition to various flavors of soft drinks, is made up of products like water, juice and energy drink.

The challenge for the corporate brand PSIU came from a cultural factor in relation to the brand:
as the company's first product had been a pink guarana, our project should be associated with the flavor of this soft drink, in addition to reminding us of its sound [psiu] and its color [pink] - an unforgettable set [sound and color] belonging to the culture of Maranhão.
With these premises , the corporate brand came out of the ZON palette - aggregated with sound and color, in a memorable synesthetic association.

Another important piece of the project was the Brand Book - needed to explain to Trade and the sales force how each product would look in terms of packaging, label, colors , positioning in different segments, images of style and advertising communication. It shows the purposes of PSIU, its social, economic and sustainability concepts; and allows PSIU to design different communication pieces, from the factory to the consumer's home.

Today PSIU Indústria de Bebidas is one of the most important in Maranhão.

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CLIENT: PSIU Industria de Bebidas

YEAR: 2014