Educational Center signage

“A revitalization that transformed former industrial pavilions and an educational center”.

The Centro Educacional Ivo Tramontina – CEIT – located in the center of the city of Carlos Barbosa – RS, occupies former industrial pavilions that received architectural interventions and were revitalized for the new function. 

For this Signaling project, ZON established 03 basic guidelines:

[1] Enhance the architectural concept with elements that are in harmony with the designed spaces.

[2] Effectively guide the flows of people and activities and services that are available at the Center.

[3] Create elements that meet the two scales of the project: one more urban/macro [wide circulation
     spaces for the public] and another micro/institutional [rooms and services].

To identify the different macro-zones of the Center, we used different colors: Teaching [orange],

Welfare [yellow], Management and Services [blue], Auditorium [black].

CEIT offers classrooms and studies, library, gym, cafeteria, lounge, and auditorium –

spaces where courses and training are given to Tramontina employees.

The proposed Sgnage facilitated the movement of people through the Center and also worked as a Visual Programming of the environments, valuing the spaces and transmitting the company's values.

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Additional info

PROJECT: Signaling

CLIENT: Tramontina

YEAR: 2019