T factory store signage

Signage that guides and reinforces the brand image

  • How to improve the experience of those who visit Tramontina's own store in Carlos Barbosa, which, occupying an area of 4,000 m2, is also a true showroom for the brand's products?
  • How to guide the consumer, within a universe of more than 10,000 items on display, so that, without stress, he can find what he wants, and thus make the purchase?
  • How can the visitor identify the guiding information in an environment with so much information?
  • And, at the same time, how can we ensure that the elements of the signaling do not contribute to visually polluting a space that is already full of visual stimuli?

All these questions were adressed when the T factory store Tramontina store signage project started. In the signage proposed by ZON, the precise use of color had a fundamental strategic contribution. Considering that in the T stores the many products of the Brand – that transit through different market segments – are organized in several Worlds [Furniture, Equip, Cut, Prepare, Serve, Celebrate, Repair, Amuse and Thematic], in the ZON project each world took on a different color.

Black was used as the background color of the signage elements because, in addition to being in synergy with the visual identity T stores, it provides excellent legibility and stands out in a space with many visual stimuli. For greater contrast, texts and information are always presented in white.

The project also prioritized the use of icons, to simplify bilingual signage.
The signage of the T factory store, in addition to guiding and making the shopping experience and visit to the store more pleasant, also contributes to reinforcing the T store Tramontina brand image.

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Additional info

PROJECT: Signaling

CLIENT: Tramontina

YEAR: 2018