Aurora winery signage

“A historic rescue of traditional wineries”.

Aurora's history dates back to 1875, with the arrival of immigrants from Northern Italy who settled in Serra Gaúcha, whose climate was very close to their origin. But it was only in 1931 that 16 families that already produced grapes came together in the form of a cooperative to lay the foundation stone of what would be today one of the largest wineries in Brazil: the Vinícola Aurora 

Since then, more than 1,100 families have joined the cooperative, with production being guided by technicians who are in daily contact with the producer, providing all the necessary assistance. This position as the largest in the country was conquered more than 20 years ago, thanks to the focus on the constant modernization of the industrial park, the high technology of its units and the rigorous standards of production.

In addition to the industrial complex located in the heart of Bento Gonçalves, Vinícola Aurora has
another industrial plant, recently opened in Vale do Vinhedos, in Bento Gonçalves, which takes care of the Winery's Juice Envase.

ZON is proud of the challenge of having signaled this beautiful Unit 3, taking care of both the external signaling project [of the green park and the road system] and the internal signaling [office and manufacturing area].

Our premises for this signage project:

[1] Valuing the architectural concept, proposing a visual identity that recalls the traditional universe of wineries and that, at the same time, harmonizes with architectural spaces, visually modern and contemporary in terms of materials - as is the case of the facade, which calls the attention for the large panel in corten steel.

[2] Effectively guide all flows of people [employees, visitors and producers], vehicles and services available in the spaces.

[3] Create signage elements that meet the different scales of the project.

When we arrive at Unit 3, the access signage is already suggesting, and valuing, what the visitor will find when entering the factory unit: originality, efficiency and the culture of the harvest. The signage for Vinícola Aurora only helps to guide the flows, but also values the spaces and contributes to the company's brand image.

ZON has been following the implementation of the signage of this beautiful manufacturing plant.

There's still a lot to go. But we are already happy with the results!


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Additional info

PROJECT: Signaling

CLIENT: Aurora

YEAR: 2019