Gardening Packaging System

“Enchantment and Sustainable Packaging”

Products that refer to nature require enchantment and sustainable packaging.

This was one of those challenges that we plunged into and we went very deep: creating a new visual identity for the products of the Multi Gardening Segment of Tramontina – improving presence at the point of sale and strengthening the brand image.

It was necessary to think of a packaging system to deal with the large product mix, which involves different product categories: gardening tools and scissors, products for an irrigation system – such as hoses and accessories – and equipment and tools for agriculture. And that includes different types of packaging: individual boxes, display boxes for sale in bulk, flowpacks, cards, adhesive labels, tags, cartridges.

 Project goals:

1. Review the construction system [the typologies] of all packaging to minimize materials and costs - assuming the idea of more sustainable packaging.

2. Standardize the visual identity of the packaging of the entire wide product mix.

3. Extend the identity to the POS, where the color stain on the packaging should strengthen the brand image of the products.

4. Attract the consumer and thus favor the choice and purchase of products

The general idea was to create a language with a strong visual impact, inserting the client's brand in the universe of nature and cultivation.

First, we created a unique layout structure to support the broad mix of products, organized by families – each identified with a different color, in synergy with the use of the products: pink, blue and green.

We defined an orange head to support a mark and a large black spot.

And then we add elements–leaves and flowers to be explored in the different packages.

All of these elements resulted in a visual identity loaded with personality, with clean and direct language. The project's objectives were achieved.


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Additional info

PROJECT: Packaging for Gardening

CLIENT: Tramontina Multi

YEAR: 2018