"Timeless and sustainable design, with a Brazilian" stamp "."

Tramontina Belém relied on ZON Design to develop a collection of furniture for outdoor areas and gardens. A collection in line with current trends in the furniture segment: wooden furniture – the vocation of the customer –, a light look and adjusted manufacturing processes. An urban and contemporary collection. 

The Tarsila chair is the highlight of the collection and was designed taking inspiration from Modernism in Brazil – a movement that had a great impact on Brazilian arts and architecture.

From the design of the chair, the other pieces of the furniture collection were unfolded.

Our inspiration was the thought of Oscar Niemeyer:

It is not the right angle that attracts me. Nor the straight, hard, inflexible line created by man. What attracts me is the free and sensual curve. If the line is the shortest path between two points, the curve is what makes concrete look for infinity. "

Such thinking guided the resolution of the challenge of the Tarsila chair: the modeling of round steel bars and the minimal use of wood.

How to shape the bars to make a structure?

What would be the movements, such as curvatures, to shape the feet, the base and the backrest in the most harmonious and continuous way possible?

How to define the design that extends to the entire collection? 

Once this challenge was overcome, the addition of some rectangular wooden rulers was enough to configure the seat and back. And so, the Tarsila chair was defined!

A piece worth admiring, before sitting down.

As for the name Tarsila, nothing more natural than a feminine name, with personality, that could refer to the concept of design; and a fair tribute to the exponent of the Brazilian modernist movement in the Arts: Tarsila do Amaral.

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