"Packaging with the delicateness and minimalism of the Eastern style"

Tramontina Multi | 2016

The Challenge

The customer has identified an opportunity for a themed product to be incorporated into the Sweet Garden collection: tools for the art of Bonsai. The challenge of the project was inserting a product with male characteristics [high-performance tools] into the Sweet Garden female universe [colorful products for leisure gardening].


An identity was created, connecting it to Sweet Garden through graphic features, resulting in a professional and masculine language.
The packages bring an Eastern concept, the cradle of the Bonsai technique, through the black, red, and white colors and a minimalist style. All this to convey the professionalism and efficiency of the tools. The Bonsai illustration painted by hand humanizes the identity, showing the connection of the person to the plants, beings that need a lot of delicateness and knowledge to be well taken care of.

Establish emotional connections between the brand and its audience.