Casa Delta Product Design

"Furniture and accessories that reflect the passion for design"

Tramontina Delta | 2013 and 2014

The Challenge

Create a collection of products positioned in the Design segment.


With their passion for design, ZON plunged into the project to think about the strategy and the concept of the collection: furniture and accessories to customize environments with style and create spaces that reflect the joy of living.
ZON proposed the Casa Delta name and designed products for the collection: Oca chair, Cona table, Albero hanger, Berta armchair and table, Octo chaise, Vira bench, Arty modular bookcase, Koppa and Tina vases. ZON also designed the presentation catalog for Casa Delta, launched at the fair Casa Brazil 2013 [Bento Gonçalves | RS]. 

Additional Information

The OCTO chaise was exposed in the show 100% Brazil, at the Milan Fair, February 2015, and at the Plasticity show: Plástico+Design, in São Paulo, July 2015.

Meeting customer needs – always satisfying the functional, formal and emotional needs of consumers.