Urban Collection Product Design

“Urban – outdoor solution”

Tramontina Belém | 2017

The Challenge

Think, conceptualize, create and design a collection of furniture for public spaces, using sustainable technology, focus on quality and look sharp to details.


ZON plunged deeply into the design to seek a strong concept, to the challenge:

"A collection of furniture that creates and composes more welcoming, beautiful and democratic collective environments; furniture inspired by the dynamism of large urban centers and by creative design, that values the forms and mix of materials".

The Urban collection starts with the design of four models of benches – with and without backrest.

Urban Highline – a sophisticated industrial style, where the beauty of the wood sheets is framed with steel and finished with a tubular profile.

Urban Outline – this is simplicity in its pure perfection; benches with an exclusive and sober, solid and airy design, while at the same time harmonizing with modern and historic architectures.

Urban Flat – a pragmatic design that represents stringent quality, elaborate details and careful construction; lightweight benches with classic proportions.

Urban Soho – to either adapt to urban architectural environments or to create calm and attractive environments, these benches have a steady structure as they are made of large and strong wood sheets aligned to the intelligent use of the steel frames.

Meeting customer needs – always satisfying the functional, formal and emotional needs of consumers.