Doracorp Branding

"Brand strategy to accompany the expansion of the business segments”

Doracorp | 2014

The Challenge

Operating in the segments of road freight and international logistics, LOGSUL extended its brand to related segments and founded DORA, an exporter of products to Africa. With the growth and the possibility of future business, the new positioning of the business showed the need for Strategic Planning of the Brand.


Studying the customer, the market and competition - and to strengthen the group's image and facilitate the creation of new future brands - ZON’s Strategic Planning of Brand suggested to place the DORA prefix in all of the brands that make up the brand's architecture: DORA plus the suffix CORP defined the corporate brand of the group: DORACORP; DORALog and DORAExport are sub-brands that belong to the DORACORP group and respectively identify the businesses in the areas of Logistics and Export. The logo design of the brands has a symbol in four colors and arrow graphics to represent the union of expertise, customer adaptation and multiple solutions.

Inspire customers and consumers through brands that reflect the values of the companies and their business.