"Packaging for standing out in the market"

CSO Comércio de Erva-Mate | 2018

The Challenge

Entrepreneurs from southern Paraná, with extensive knowledge in planting and producing yerba mate, perceived an opportunity to launch a product based on quality [yerba mater from southern Paraná] and purity [a premium yerba mate].
They chose ZON Design to study the branding of the new product, including planning, positioning and name, as well as the design of the brand and packaging


Through immersion in the universe and market of the product [crop, production, image in the POS and consumption] ZON defined the structure of the new brand [identity, values, image, essence and style of the brand]. It then proposed various graphic strategies.
The concept selected, “Origin”, is inspired by the indigenous Guarani legend that tells the story of yerba mate and talks about the roots and rituals of tribal fellowship that are associated with this beverage. The name of the brand is Ekoa, which in the tupi-guarani language means "village".
And so, graphics from indigenous elegantly adorn the Ekoa packaging.

Establish emotional connections between the brand and its audience.