Garibaldi Tourism Brand Branding

"A brand to enrich the city and attract visitors"

Garibaldi Tourist Office | 2013

The Challenge

Create a tourism brand for the city of Garibaldi, in Rio Grande do Sul.


ZON created the brand with strategic thinking focused on the values of Garibaldi – considered the Brazilian capital of sparkling wine – and in order to attract new visitors.
The new tourist brand for the city was launched in 2013 Fenachamp.

The three elements of the brand [symbol, logo and decoder] are harmonized to convey the attributes of the region: lightness, fellowship, joy. The symbol is the synthesized shape of a glass of sparkling wine with colorful stars: an allusion to the festivities and celebrations related to drinking; the logo has been exclusively designed with the "G", incorporating the star and suggesting a toast through the movement of the artwork; and the decoder "the sparkling capital" identifies the origin of the main tourist attraction of the city.

Additional Information

The brand received, on the night of Sept 16, 2013, in Porto Alegre, the RS Innovation I Award granted by the State Government through the State Tourist Office.
This award aims to encourage best practices of the tourism in Rio Grande do Sul.

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