"Visual Identity for increased visibility at the POS"

Jackwal | 2011

The Challenge

Reformulate the visual identity of Jackwal Gas Segment that in 2010 had outdated packaging in regards to the evolution of the brand. The demands of branding: modernization and greater visibility of the products at the point of sale, to highlight the quality and safety of the products - thereby justifying its reliability.


The yellow of the old packaging [which guaranteed a certain amount of visibility at the POS] was maintained as the predominant color, but now backed by black and white. The packagings of the products have been organized into four distinct groups, each with specific graphics. The layout of the packages is clear, such as the functionality of the products; graphic language conveys lightness and modernity - an approach which is not much explored in the technical products segment. To ensure that the packaging protects the products and ensures perfect conditions at the point of sale, ZON also worked on the suggestion of packaging materials.

Establish emotional connections between the brand and its audience.