“Visual identity for new segment”

Tramontina Eletrik | 2018

The Challenge

In 2018, Tramontina, which already manufactures and sells products for the electrical materials segment, also started working with LED lighting. ZON Design was given thechallenge to come up with the concept for the new visual identity for the client's LED lighting operation [including packaging and POS]. In addition to strategic creation [branding and design], ZON was responsible to develop the graphic concept for all the packaging and POS materials.


Considering the scope of the project, ZON Design's methodology included various stages such as recognition of the lighting segment through POS research;
immersion in the analysis of players and the market
, taking into account the perception of codes and behavior of the segment;
immersion in the client’s branding
definition of positioning
for working in the new segment;
strategy for the visual identity concept and communication of the product portfolio.

The visual identity created by ZON enhances the brand and, through large masses of color, enables quick identification and empowers the POS. The packaging language refers directly to LED technology. Clear communication of information, combined with the use of icons, guides and facilitates product decoding by consumers.

Establish emotional connections between the brand and its audience.