“A relaxing and stimulating shower”

Tramontina Eletrik | 2015

The Challenge

Tramontina began selling a new product segment: Electric Showers and Taps. ZON Design organized the collection, created product names and set the visual identity of the packaging and the POS.


ZON Design suggested the name Sense for the first collection of Showers and Taps; the name conveys the different sensations that a shower can provide. Products were named Sense Plus, Sense Top, and Sense Day.
The visual identity of the project started from the force of the jet shower, represented by images illustrating the packaging and reinforced by vibrant colors that identify each different product [orange, pink, purple and blue]. To appraise the product at the POS and create versatility of exposition, graphic design provides that the package can be arranged horizontally or vertically. The communication of the collection focuses on the moment intimacy during the shower and the experience provided by the shower.

Establish emotional connections between the brand and its audience.