Signs for Jackwal Manufacturing Park SIGNAGE AND EPHEMERAL ARCHITECTURE

"Signage to enhance the manufacturing environment"

Jackwal S.A. | 2010

The Challenge

Signage of the entire area of the Jackwal Manufacturing Complex - divided into the Manufacturing Park and Recreation Park - through a Corporate Signage project able to organize flows, add value to the brand and the company's values, respect for the environment and highlighted through the exuberant green of the local vegetation.


ZON defined a visual identity with the colors of the corporate identity: red and black [dark red, was used as the background color of the signage elements - valuing the texts written in white, providing optimal readability and standing out amid the wooded landscape]. Secondary colors, light green and light red, serve to identify the signage elements of the Jackwal Recreational Park.

Designing spaces and signage to optimize functions and services, and also assign meaning to the brand associated with them.