Sweet Garden Product Design

"Design to enchant and collaborate with nature"

Tramontina Multi | 2014

The Challenge

Develop the concept and design for a collection of products born to retain the customer's brand name in the gardening segment.


With the concept of "to enchant and recover the pleasure of bringing nature into the home," ZON proposed the Sweet Garden collection: products with an affectionate design, colorful and light. The motivation: the desire to raise awareness and encourage people to grow plants and flowers, contributing to the care and appreciation of nature. Sweet Garden collection products: 
Cachepot / Vases [Mimmo]
7 liters watering can, for watering flowers and plants
2 liters watering can, for watering vases and bonsai
Container [Cocoon] to transport earth.
4 Tools for Vases, which are stored in the Cocoon.
Present kit and Apron with Tools.
To add sustainability to the product's features, the plastic parts are manufactured from green plastic from Braskem; the blades of the tools are made of special steel and the handles are made from Eucalyptus wood from production forests.
ZON Design worked on the overall design of the collection: strategic concept, product design, name and visual identity for the collection, illustration, creating tags, packaging and communication materials [such as the catalog, POS brochure and press release materials].

Additional Information

The Sweet Garden collection participated in the Brazilian Design Biennial 2015.

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