Tourist Brand Morro de São Paulo Branding

"A Brand for Nature's Paradise"

Municipality of Morro de São Paulo | 2014

The Challenge

Create a tourism brand for the city of Morro de São Paulo, located in Costa do Dendê - in the Southern part of the State of Bahia.


With the objective to "build an attractive brand, empathic to visitors, easy decoding and application; a brand to represent a place with prime nature and contemporary attractions; a brand to promote the integration of the local community with tourists", ZON transformed these wishes into a brand consisting of three elements [symbol, logo and decoder] with the intent to express, through lightness and joy, the key attributes of the region considered a tropical paradise located in Bahia. The symbol values the natural elements of Morro de São Paulo - sun, hills, sea and waves - represented by the heart that reflects the love and the emotions of citizens and tourists; the decoder "A Paradise of Emotions - Archipelago Cairú - BA - Brazil", reinforces Morro de São Paulo, located in Bahia, it is a collection of lush beaches and full of attractions.

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