Tulum and Amalfi Cutlery PACKAGING DESIGN AND POS

"Cutlery to delight the daily life"

Tramontina Cutlery | 2015

The Challenge

Two new sets of cutlery for everyday use, to attend to major market groups, each with five pieces: table fork, table spoon, table knife, BBQ knife and teaspoon.


Inspired by magical places - in the colors of Amalfi [Italy] and the curves of the archaeological site of the Tulum coast [Mexico] – ZON created the products and the packaging for both collections. The simplicity of the Tulum design and the elegance of the two-color handles of the Amalfi design, combined with the modern color palette of the handles and the colorful and delicate packaging stand out at the POS and delight consumers.

Establish emotional connections between the brand and its audience.